JPEG Metadata

JPEG recovery with file names based on metadata

Create a name for carved file

    The JPEG standard allows for more than  just a compressed image to be stored.  There are several optional sections containing metadata, ie descriptions of the image, and sometimes technical details.

    When CnW does a raw recovery of JPEG files it will analyse the metadata and add useful fields to the file name.  When doing a raw recovery, no directory information is used, or typically, there is no directory information.  Thus file names have to be generated automatically, and are typically just sequential names, with a .jpg extension, and example would be recover1982.jpg.  For a camera memory chip this is fine, but for a hard drive with maybe 5 years worth of photos, 10,000 jpg files can be confusing.  The CnW Recovery approach is to provide more information that may make file sorting much easier.

Standard data

    Most cameras do store the time of the photo, as well as the make and model of the camera.  By extracting this information.  The type of file name that will be generated is as below

    recover2348.Canon 400D.2005-12-02.jpg

    This gives both the camera name, and the date of the photo.  The file written to the hard drive is also set to the same date.

Photoshop metadata

    When a JPG file is processed with Photoshop a lot more information can be added.  CnW Recovery will extract some of this information to add to the file name.

    Where possible it will extract

    • Original TR, ie the original file name
    • Either the Object name, or the first keyword
    • The date



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