What will it do?

What will CnW data recovery software do?

Data recovery is a large topic. The following highlights what CnW Data Recovery Software will do to recover your disc data.  There are often several approaches that will assist, so if the first approach does not recover all of your files, another approach may be used.  The ultimate aim is to recover all files, photos, music possible.  Occasionally data does not exist on the disk, so we are honest and outline occasions when no software program will recover your data.

PC Data recovery

    The program concentrates on recovering data from PCs where the media has been corrupted, overwritten, partially failed, or files deleted due to operator error. If a hard disk will not boot, but does actually spin, there is a high chance that CnW will read the files. If a camera memory chip says there are only 3  pictures, when you know there should be over 100, CnW Software will probably find and recover the other 97 digital pictures. Download demo now to evaluate for yourself

    Data recovery is required when something has gone wrong.  It is not always clear what has gone wrong, so any information such as this is always going to have a few ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.  For this reason, anyone can download the CnW demo program to see if the data can be seen, and recovered.  When happy that your data is there, either a 30 day licence, or a full licence may be purchased and the files extracted and stored on your hard disk drive. The demo is fully functional and the only missing feature is the ability to actually save recovered files.

Forensic investigation

    Forensic investigation requires very similar basic tools to those of data recovery, mainly based on discovering data that is on a drive, and also data that has been on the drive.  CnW will allow examination of disks and track down data that may not otherwise be seen. Due to the fact the program works with corrupt disks, the state of the disk is not critical. There are some data carving tools included to help reconstruct otherwise fragmented files (jpegs and avi’s);

Recovery success

    Recovery will depend on several interrelated conditions based on media, operating system, reason for failure and what has happened to media after the data was lost, or deleted.

    It is often difficult to determine if a problem is logical corruption or hardware failure.  One important point to note is that the Demo and full licenced version are in effect the same.  If the demo cannot see files you require, neither will the licenced version. This will normally be due to hardware failure that makes access to the media impossible.  Advanced software routines do ensure the highest possible recovery rate.

    The program wizard will often guide the user as to the best way forward, or there is always a more advanced mode with further options

Summary of key features

  • Recover deleted files, photos, documents etc
  • Recover files from disks with some unreadable sectors
  • Recover files from disks that have been (quick) formatted
  • Recover files when FAT is missing
  • Recover partial files
  • Recover files from unallocated space
  • Recover files from compressed NTFS unallocated space
  • Copy files with sector errors
  • Can construct disk image allowing for missing or unreadable sectors
  • Validates common file types
  • Partition recovery and boot sector recovery
  • File selection for selecting or skipping files
  • Optionally stores files in subdirectories to fit a DVD or CD
  • Optionally renames files to be compatible with Joliet or UDF naming standards
  • Produces log, including MD5 values of all files recovered
  • Logs media details
  • CnW software will never write to the media being recovered - data should always be recovered to a different drive.
  • Does not stop on medium errors
  • Easy to use
  • Context sensitive help for every screen
  • Helps save marriages when critical photos have been recovered
  • Helps save jobs when bosses critical files are recovered
  • Support at the end of an e-mail inquiry

Media CnW Recovery works with

  • Camera memory chips - via card reader
  • Hard disk drives, PC and Mac
  • Laptop drives
  • Any drive detected by the PC as a physical drive
  • IDE, SCSI SATA, USB, Firewire
  • Flash memory
  • CD ROM
  • DVD
  • Zip drives
  • Jaz Drives

What CnW Recovery Software cannot do

  • Recover files from securely erased disks
  • Recover data from drives that have complete mechanical or functional failure
  • If the drive cannot be detected in any way by the PC, CnW Recovery cannot work with it.
  • It cannot (currently) recover and decrypt encrypted files, but this is being worked on.
  • It cannot read camera directly, but only via a card reader
  • Calculate next weeks lottery numbers - we are working on this, but will keep the answer secret (for a few weeks)  when successful.

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