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About CnW Recovery Developments Ltd

CnW Recovery offers simple to use solutions to the problem of lost data from damaged, corrupted, or accidentally deleted PC media, such as hard disk drives, memory sticks, and camera memory, as well as removable media such as CDs, DVDs, Zip and Jaz drives.

The company was started on 2004 building on knowledge acquired after 20 years work on data conversion and manipulation. There is a large knowledge of data formats which is being used to ensure that the files recovered are valid. Logical testing of files is being added along with file verification and recovery. It is often better to partially recover an incomplete file that can be opened, rather than no data at all. With all features, forensic investigation is always considered important. This fills the gap between programs that are purely for forensic investigation, and those that are purely recovery, hence, Forensic Data Recovery

The company specialises in just data recovery and the developing data recovery software will grow and evolve with the market, responding to customer requirements. Regular free updates can be downloaded from the web at any time.

A good development challenge has always been to try and do the impossible. This has included reading quick erased CD-RW disks and a lot of work processing fragmented files that can not be recovered by standard data carving methods.

The program is written to be compatible with Windows 7 - Windows 10 - 64 using Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Studio 15.0. A legacy version V4.44 is XP compatible.

For details of proposed developments and recent updates, please look at the following pages Development and

Mission Statement

The company is committed to produce
Easy to use software that recovers data from corrupted media
Sell the software for an affordable price
Listen to customer requests and requirements
Provide a one stop solution for all PC media
To provide powerful tools for forensic investigation
Solve problems no else can
To reconstruct fragmented and corrupted data
Provide comprehensive log details for forensic purposes

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CnW Recovery became CnW Recovery Developments Ltd in November 2013