CnW Recovery software development plans

For a software to be usable, it requires continuous development.  This is to allow for new features to be added, as well as handling new types of media, and in the case of CnW Recovery Software, the ability to add in new  recovery routines and algorithms.  More than anything, CnW wants to ensure that it’s product does what their customers require.

The prime objects for CnW Data Recovery Software are as below

  • To recovery lost data from any medium
    • To perform recovery as simply as possible
    • To be as quick as possible
    • To have good reporting of media problems
    • Comprehensive forensic reports
    • To contain additional useful tools
    • Have good support and documentation
    • To verify recovered files, and to manipulate when possible to make the files usable.
    • In the event of a ‘bug’ have a fast turn round for a fix, or work around.

The current CnW product has finished its first stage of development.. There are now very few bugs and most jobs will run without any problems.  Dealing with unknown disk failures can occasionally cause problems which is the nature of data recovery.  On the above list, the first item is most important, the rest all share second place and so will all be worked on. Progress on each one is seen on a monthly basis

The CnW release policy is one of continuous updates - on a monthly, or even weekly basis, and not an annual basis.  Any user on support can download a new version with new features implemented, and not have to wait another 6-12 months. Just download the demo and reload.  The software prompts users to update after 3 months.

Current developments (April 2014) include the following (order not significant)

  • Wizard function for 3GP, MP4  recovery - top priority
  • Displaying video thumbnails (Not on XP systems)
  • Defragmenting 3GP, MP4 files - more variations and codecs will be supported.  Part of the above wizard function
  • Faster (forensic) Disk scan function - will include saving a disk image and disk report.
  • Tools to assist in reconstructing fragments of files - progressing well with manual data carving program
  • Wizard function for Word, Zip recovery
  • Enhanced forensic analysis
  • Increased support for RAID drives, automatic analysis of drives.
  • Shadow volume disks
  • Disk scanning for hardware confidence
  • Support for disks with mismatched partition IDs
  • Adding tool tips to all dialog boxes - progressing screen by screen
  • Additional automatic tool tips for common sector types
  • More file verification, indicating that a recovered file is valid
  • More analysis in wizard mode

As features are added, the Updates page will be updated, allowing users to see if a new download is worth downloading. As general development, there is always work being done to ensure the program will not crash on totally unexpected media, and also trying to get the best recovery performance in terms of files recovered, and speed of recovery.

Feedback, and requests or suggestions are always appreciated, please just e-mail to


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