Contact Us

How to contact Us

CnW Recovery always wants to hear from you.  If you have any problems, or suggestions, we would like to know. We cannot promise to implement every suggestion, but any problem will be investigated, and when ever possible, either a fix, or work around will be produced as quickly as possible.

For faults, please describe your problem as clearly as possible, and the sequence of events that led to a problem.  The report should include type media (CD, hard drive) and operating system if known, such as NTFS. Where possible media capacity can also assist.

The preferred means of communication is via e-mail


Postal address

    14 King Henrys Road
    East Sussex, BN7 1BT

    United Kingdom


e-mail preferred , any time!

Phone number (UK)

    Please e-mail, 90% of our calls were junk calls

CnW FTP file transfer

    If transfer of files larger than can be done with e-mail is required, CnW can send you details of their FTP site - max size 64GB. 

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