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The CnW data recovery software free
download will recover files from camera memory chips, hard drives, CD-ROMs and DVDs. The formats it can handle include FAT32, FAT16 and NTFS. Partitions and boot sectors can also be recovered. Click here for further details of CnW Software. (Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover photos directly from the camera, but only via a card reader). NB, CnW Software never writes to the media being recovered. Be very wary of any recovery program that claims it can fix a hard disk by writing to it. Advance recovery routines ensure accurate recovery of photos from deleted FAT32 memory devices. With a corrupt disk, it is not always possible to know what the problem is, and writing to it can cause more problems than it fixes. The only exception this rule could be for updating boot sectors.

There are regular (most months) updates to the program. These may be downloaded at any time. The Demo is the same code as the full program, so updates are implemented by downloading the current demo.

Please click on the appropriate link to download CnW Recovery Software. After clicking on the link a CnW Download program will launch and download the main CnW software installer, approx 6MB. The Microsoft installer will be launched automatically, and CnW installed.

If you experience difficulties retrieving this download please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

The current demo download is a basic version. It will not actually save any files - a feature of the demo, but will give directory listings and logs of files on the media.

The program (and demo) will run on
Windows 7, Windows 7 - 64, Windows 8, and 8-64, Windows 10-64, Windows 11. (XP version frozen at V4.44).
It requires a modern processor (1.6 GHz or better), multi-core prefered
Video screen, 1024 x 768 or better
4GB of RAM ( more recommended).
Peripheral devices can be USB, eSATA, SCSI, or Firewire, as well as IDE and SATA

Installation is straight forward, click here for more details
To recover data from a CD-ROM, it is always best - and often essential, to use a CD-RW drive. Many features on a CD-R can only be accessed by RW drive. And for DVDs, a DVD-RW is always best.

Once the program has been downloaded, run CnWInstall.msi Typically follow the default options. On running the program for the first time, it will be necessary to enter the registration code, which for the demo program, is DEMO (upper or lower case).
The demo will allow viewing of directories, but to restore programs, the full registration code will need to be purchased, for which CnW will require the 8 digit code displayed on the View / Configuration / Software Registration screen. The license will then be associated with a single machine.

If you have any problems, please e-mail us ASAP

************************** Downloads ****************************
Cnw Recovery demo and update download - 6MB

PDF Manual - 8MB

Purchase now

Free software Update. If you wish to update your demo, or production software, then please just download the demo again.

Download process
The first download is a small (250K) program CnWDownload.exe which will then download the main installer. Administrator mode is required for the main installer. Because the downloader does not change between releases, it will not be ‘upset’ each time a CnW update is put on the system.

Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 compatibility

The current program does run under all versions of Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 but will require administrator level. A UAC will be displayed automatically to request this level change.

Norton safe web.
Recently Norton has been trying to block downloads with File Insight. The reasons given including very few downloads. As the program is regularly updated this may be an ongoing issue. It does appear to be a commonly recognised problem in particular as to be white listed with Norton can take a few weeks. CnW tend have a new incremental update every few months. The software is signed, and Norton does recognize the signature of the .MSI file, and the signature on the CnWDownload.exe file. NB, the processing software is digitally signed.

Dongle installation
Most Windows 10 systems will automatically recognise and install the dongle.
Downloading the dongle drivers (from the link above) does not actually install the drivers, but just stores them in c:\program files\CnW Recovery\cnw\CD20802 WHQL Certified. For more details see manual
If you encounter any problems with download, installation, or operation, please contact CnW who will offer all possible assistance. If required the install program can be e-mailed.

For Windows 11 please download the drivers at

Legal notice
The program is to be installed at the users own risk. Connection to disk drives is through the users hardware. No liability is accepted for any damage, corruption or loss of data. The CnW Recovery software does not write to the physical media except in very rare circumstances, only after giving clear warning on the screen. For critical data, or forensic applications, use of a write blocker is recommended.

CnW Recovery uses current, up to date virus protection to try and ensure that any downloaded software is virus free.

Once evaluated, you can
purchase online from $19.99

See Installation for more details

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