Main menu

CnW Recovery Main Screen

The main menu for CnW Recovery is displayed once the Wizard has been exited. There are several simple menu functions as displayed below. This screen is the start of all manual operations, generally for disks that can not be recovered by the Wizard

This Icon will take the user back to the recovery

In this mode, the media is read and a new option screen is displayed depending on the type of media. There is a separate screen for CDs / DVDS FAT, NTFS, MAC, Unix media and MTF files. Most recovery procedures start here.

The partitions function is most commonly used when the boot sector of the disk has failed, or been corrupted

Data carving is a process to examine the disk on a sector by sector basis, and extract files based on signature, and file type. This is independent of any file system, or operating system

Image disk
This is a mode where the media is read, sector by sector and either produces a complete disk image file is a DD format. The imgae can be built up incrementally, and will skip bad sectors.

View Sector
The View icon lets the user view sectors on the media as a Hex dump.

When clicked it will give a very brief description of the media, including type of media if it is a CD, and the number of files

The configure function is used to set up user preferences, and registration code.

The Log is a record of all restores and imaging operations, including error messages.

Drive selection
The combo box of all drives that have been detected, and do contain media. Thus, an empty DVD drive will not be displayed until it has a DVD, and the refresh function has been applied.

Tools - drop down menu
The tools are a selection of useful tools related to data recovery. They include merging MPEGS into video files and also splitting directories suitable for burning to DVDs.

In addition to the icons, there are several drop down functions