CD and DVD output

Free Tools - data splitting for DVD output

This tool is now rather out of date - at one time it was very common to save data onto CDs or DVDs!

When doing a recovery from a hard disk drive, or other media, it is often very useful to save files onto DVDs (or CDs). There are two problems that arise when doing this

DVDs and CDs often have a capacity less than a hard disk drive, and so multiple output disk will be required.
File names are more restrictive than for a hard disk drive.

Both of these problems can be solved by using options within the CnW Recovery software. This function is actually fully operational within the demo version of the software, and so free for anyone to use.

If anyone has every tried splitting groups of files to fit onto a CD or DVD, then they will understand that what first appears simple can get very tedious, especially when splits are required along with a complex directory structure. The option (under Configuration) will allow the user to select either a DVD or CD as output and in this case all files are written into a new subdirectory called dv?? or cd?? where ?? is a sequential number. Up to 99 disks may be produced. When a directory is filled, the next one is automatically selected.

Files that are larger than 4GB - for DVD, or greater than 650MB for CDs are stored in the selected output path, ie not in a dv?? or cd?? directory.

The second stage involves file names. A Joliet CD/DVD cannot handle a filename longer than 64 characters. A UDF cannot handle more than 127 characters. Although such long file names are not common they do occur as temporary and system files, or as long names to documents, such as ‘ This is a letter to discuss what type of car we should buy to replace the old one which had green seats and a tow bar’ CnW Software will shorten the name by first removing all spaces, and not adequate, will remove characters from the middle of the string. The intention is always to try and retain the extension, and the meaning of the file.