Case Studies

Cases studies of how CnW Recovery software can be used

Often the easiest way to understand how a product works, or how to use it is to see examples of typical applications. This page links to examples of potential data loss, and how files may be recovered.

There are two main reasons for data loss that needs to be recovered. The first is due to physical failure, and the second due to logical corruption of a drive. Physical problems obviously also generate many logical problems as well.

Physical Failures
Boot sector failure
Disk errors in crtical areas of the disk
Data recovery from a failing disk or one with a single head failure
From a NAS RAID1 disk drive

Logical Failures
Operating system reloaded
Failure when changing system partitions
Blue screen of death
Recover an iPod that has been overwritten with NTFS
Failed recovery attempt corrupted the photos on a memory chip
Has a memory chip been stolen
HP Media Vault recovery
Video case studies