CnW Wizard

The entry screen to CnW is for selection of physical/logical drive and a choice of wizards for common, or specialised functions

Over the years we have helped many users through fairly complex procedures to recover their data. This knowledge is now added to the program so that the program will automatically select and configure the relevant tools for any recovery job. The intention is to ensure that users of any ability can recover their, and at the same time, forensic investigation is secure, sound and well documented. All the basic tools currently exist, with examples in the manual, but it is a recognised fact that unfortunately, many users do not read the manual. For many applications, the normal approach will be to select ‘Recovery functions and other options’, followed by the Recover function. For apllications such as video recovery then the wizards such as MP4/3GP and AVCHD recovery perform functions not possible with the normal recovery tools

Most functions start with
physical media test and then a logical test

In the new wizard the first page shown above there are 13 possible functions that can be selected. The top 3 functions relate to the current tools and disk imaging and data carving. The bottom 11 functions are typical situations are are required. Each one is tailored to match the actual failure mode of the device and recommend stages to be followed. All the main tools exist within CnW, but these new wizard functions will assist in getting the most complete recovery with only limited user knowledge.
It will always be possible to select the tools manually. The functions below are easy to use shells of the basic tools.

Current functions implemented
Go to main menu
Data carving and defragmenting functions
Create drive image file, including incremental imaging
Memory chip photo recovery, ie cameras. Recovers all good and deleted files, then scans for lost files. Optionally process fragmented files
AVCHD recovery will build up complete images of AVCHD .MTS files
AVI Wizard currently recovers sequential files. Fragmented file support in development
CD/DVD recovery
Mini DVD video recovery. It examines the disk and carves out the MPEG sections of video. After this, new index files (.IFO) are created, and a video disk image produced. Video thumbnails are displayed on recovery. A new DVD can be created from the program
Failing hard drive - will image the drive and then recover files
Corrupted drive and deleted files - will test disk and call appropriate recover routine
Repartitions - will attempt to find previous partitions
Formatted disk - will recover remaining files, even when disk partially formatted, or has a new file system loaded
3GP / MP4 from memory chips -continuous development - new camera added every month
DOCX and ZIP files - under development but works with many files.
GoPro and Drone - also many other video cameras such as Canon EOS.

These wizard functions will continue to be developed in response to new recovery problems, and customer feed back. Download demo now