Product Details

CnW Recovery software has several options so that a package may be purchased at the lowest possible cost to perform the tasks that are required.  The four main option groups are as below

  • The type of media and operating system to be recovered
  • The duration that program is required for
  • If the user is a home user / small office, or a data recovery company
  • If forensic reports are required

Thus, the home user with a single recovery job from a memory chip can pay far less than a commercial forensic investigator requiring on going updates and support for all current and future media types.

To allow a user to determine the correct package, the demo version  has all features enabled, but will not save any files, or reports. It will list files, give sizes, and even display picture files.

For details of what the pack will or will not do, click here What will it do?

Operating system Options

    FAT 12, 16, 32.  This covers many PC hard disk drives and most camera memory chips. It also includes many Zip and Jaz drives

    NTFS  This mainly recent PC hard disk drives (Win2000, XP, Vista), but could also apply to memory chips and other removable drives.  Both uncompressed and compressed drives are supported

    CD-ROM.  This option will cover all CD-ROM, DVD operating systems including ISO9660, Joliet, UDF. It included compressed UDF disks

    Macintosh - HFS+, CD ROM and Zip drives

    exFat and Unix formats being developed


    1 month/30 day duration is designed for a one off recovery.  At the end of this period the product will revert back to demo mode

    Full Licence. The program will operate for ever, and updates for 12 months after purchase may be downloaded free of charge

    Support, after 1 year, a software support fee of 20% of the initial purchase price is payable, and will allow the user to download all new releases of the software for another 12 months

Type of user.

    If the product is to be used as part of a commercial service, then a commercial licence must be purchased. This will ensure that any support issues are dealt with a higher priority than the non commercial user.  Failure to declare commercial use will result in the licence being made void.

Forensic User

    The forensic option will assist investigation companies in storing logs of all files recovered, and also as much information as possible form the media being recovered.  This option is only available with the commercial licence described above.


    The licence is for a single system only. The registration code is tied to a single PC.  For multiple systems please contact us at  Also investigate dongle option


    It is not company policy to offer refunds.  The demo program will indicate the type of recovery possible.  If the demo program does not recover the required files (although they cannot be saved) the licenced program will not recovery any more files.

Purchase procedure

Before a purchase is made, please use the demo to ensure that the product does work as required.

Once a purchase has been made, and e-mail will be sent to your registered PayPal address.  This will request the 8 digit Machine ID number from the PC that is to be used for CnW Recovery Software. A full registration code is then returned


 Free demo download


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