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Automated secure online purchase, with PayPal

The data recovery software package is available with several options and features as described below.

The current version includes free, unlimited updates that may be downloaded at any time. The licence has a life time duration - it never expires. It is recommended that you do update your program every few months. Just go to the download page and install latest version. The documentation is comprehensive, but we also give full support via e-mail and will normally respond within 12-24 hours (subject to time zones).

NB, before proceeding with the purchase please download the demo program first. It is required to obtain the machine ID - an 8 digit hexadecimal number in the format such as A168FC12. It is useful to know that the program will recover your data. If the media can not be seen in the demo, the licenced version will not detect the media either. The software is licenced to a specific PC, but this may be transferred, free of charge at any time, simply by contacting CnW Recovery with your new machine ID. If you use a machine ID from a different PC it will need to be updated before you can run the program

After purchase, you will receive 2 e-mails, one from PayPal, and the other from CnW Recovery. For security, the e-mail address used will be the one registered with PayPal. The latter will give the program registration number for the PC you have registered. Both e-mails should come within a few minutes of payment.
Occasionally it has been reported that the automatic e-mail response from CnW Recovery has not received. This is normally because a spam filter has incorrectly trapped it. If you have not received the registration code within a few minutes, please e-mail info@cnwrecovery.com as soon as possible. (Also check your spam filter). We will respond as quickly as possible. Subject to time zones this will be within a few hours, and should never be longer than 24 hours. Please review terms and conditions.

Click on the relevant product link which will take you to the Registration page, and then onto the secure PayPal website. All prices are US Dollars. Brief comparison
chart of features

30 Day licence $19.99
This option is designed for users with a one off requirement. Has all the standard features, but will only save files for 30 days (actually 1 calendar month). Can be upgraded to a full licence at any time and and some allowance will be made for the cost of the initial 30 day licence. This upgrade process is not automated, so please e-mail with details a few days before your licence expires. Extra forensic features are not included. (NB, it is the program that stops saving files after 30 days, the file remain after the 30 days). RAID is not an option with this 30 day licence. This licence does
not include the GPR software licence.

Full licence $34.99 Full licence with RAID $39.99
As for 30 day licence but no time limit. This is designed for home users and small businesses recovering data from their own equipment. Extra forensic features are not included. This includes a standard GPR licence, but not RAID. RAID supports up to 12 drives, RAID-0 and RAID-5 and JBOD (HP Media-Vault)

Full licence including RAID and GPR Forensic $47.99
As above but includes the forensic licence for GPR

Commercial User $79.99
A commercial user is anyone who uses the software as part of a data recovery service company. Includes the RAID option, write image back to a disk and keyword search. This includes a Forensic GPR licence

Forensic features $159.99
The forensic mode helps produce more details on the drive being recovered. In particular, it will calculate an MD5, and optionally a SHA256 hash value for each file recovered and also recover slack space. Other tools part of this are raw disk scan option will allow more analysis of disks and CDs, and the ability to recover quick erased CD-RW disks. Extra forensic report in addition to standard log. E01 and VM Virtual file images can be read. The forensic features include all commercial user feature. RAID option and keyword search are also included. This includes a Forensic GPR licence.

Upgrade 30 day licence to full licence $19.99

If at any time the user wants to update an existing 30 day licence to a full license then there is a simple procedure. Purchase a new 30 day licence and contact CnW with full details of the original licence (date and e-mail address of purchase). ie Please e-mail CnW, otherwise there may be a long wait. A full licence key will then be sent to you. The process is manual so may take between 1 hour and 24 hours depending on time zone, time etc. NB, the new downloaded 30 day licence will not operate if the original licence has timed out.

RAID option
The RAID is included with the forensic and comercial licence, and an option with standard licence. NB, for RAID-1 disks (such as some HP Media vault) the RAID option is not required, as both disks will be identical. If the demo works without the RAID option, sol will the full licence.

For details of second, or multiple licences, please contact CnW.


It is impossible for anyone to guarantee that data recovery software will work - simply because there are so many ways that data can be lost, or devices fail. CnW however will guarantee full support with any issues. If the problems are significant it may be necessary to send CnW the device, or for memory chips, it may be possible to make use of the CnW FTP site to upload the problem chip image. The bottom line is that CnW will do everything possible to help recover data and video.

Payment by cheque

For anyone in UK who wishes to pay by cheque, this can be done as follows.
Find the Machine ID which is the 8 character code for your PC as displayed by the demo program on startup. The UK price in £ is currently about 75% of the US Dollar price
For example the full license of $34.99 will be approx £27
Cheques payable to CnW Recovery
Post cheque and machine ID, along with e-mail address to
CnW Recovery, 14 King Henrys Road, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1BT

Your registration number will be e-mailed back by return

Legal terms and conditions
CnW Recovery has a strict policy for handling customer information. The information you provide to CnW Recovery is confidential and protected to the fullest extent possible. CnW Recovery will not disclose or distribute customer information to third parties without prior written consent by the customer. CnW is registered under UK Data Protection act

For complete details, please review the following policies:

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