It is always nice to get feedback,  the following are a few of many that have been received

Deleted Canon EOS

    You are great , you have been able to make which no other software was able to. This isolates and shows superior technological position of CNW.

Panasonic GH4 deleted videos

    Many thanks! It worked perfectly your software really has saved my life, thank you. I'll be recommending you to anyone I know with any data loss issues.

Data recovery company review

GoPro recovery

    ....found all the video files and fragments and was able to complete the restore of all my GoPro videos in one go, and pretty quickly too.

Video camera, accidently erased with family videos on.  Customer was not keen on using software but was helped by CnW with AVCHD Wizard function

    Wow thats amazing. We have recovered all of our videos. Thank you sooooo much for your help. I'm over the moon. What an amazing product and your customer support is truly exceptional.

AVCHD where a recovery company, and other software produced 2000+ .mts fragments

    Anyway on a hunch, I contacted the recovery company and asked them to send back my original drive. Once I received it, I ran your app on the drive (1TB). About 8 hours later, SHAZAM!! All my videos were recovered, INTACT AND COMPLETE! NO EDITING NEEDED.

HP Mediavault

    I just used CnW Recovery to recover 100+GB worth of photos and videos from the crashed disks in my HP MediaVault. You guys totally saved my bacon!

GoPro - after trying different recovery software

    I bought the license and recovered all my lost files.  Your software is really awesome! I have lost some pieces of the audio in a couple of files but all the rest is perfect. Congratulations for the good work you did in CnW!

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Camera - deleted videos

    Woooooowwwwwww!!!!!!!   It fixed all my videos….(about 6 GB)

Reiser FS

    Just to let you know I am very impressed with CnW. I had a ReiserFS file system that neither R-Studio or UFS Explorer could recover. CnW completed a full recovery on the first attempt. A very happy recovery company and a very happy customer.

US Forensics web site http://datatriangle.com/ including a review of the software from a users point of view

Photos etc

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful software which was able to recover thousands of family pictures and video which would have been lost and other software was unable to recover. We were devastated until CnW Recovery came to the rescue!

AVCHD recovery

    I’ve opened with vlc and the sound is there I tried a couple of programs to find these files but yours is the only one what’s recovered them.  thanks amazing program would pass on to anyone who loses data or deletes it

HP Media Vault RAID 1 configuration

    Your software is awesome. Thanks very much for making it and the support.

    Thank you very much.

    This is a huge relief after losing my HP Media Vault a couple of weeks ago and worrying about how I was going to recover like 14,000 songs and other files. It worked like a charm to get everything off of the secondary RAID 1 drive onto a USB drive.

AVCHD recovery - other software did not produce the goods

    ....the other program found 60 gigs of files that were all 20 mb in length...your program found 70 gigs of .mts files and they were huge as they had been...for example files of the size 6 gb, 4gb, 3gb...and so on. It is amazing how well it worked.

After a successful, recovery from a memory stick

    “I have already spread the word on your product to a few people that might have interest”

Deleted AVCHD

    CnW saved my bacon. I'd made a stupid mistake and lost some AVCHD files. This program gave me all the help I needed to fix it. Customer support is everything you could ask for: Michael is like the best doctor available -- he knows what he's talking about, he's easy to understand, and you hope once he's cured you that you never again have to deal with him. Thanks so much, CnW!

HP Media vault - it can be recovered

    Your software did exactly as you had promised. It recovered 100% of the files from my faulty HP Media Vault. This was accomplished after the "IT experts" at two local businesses told me they could not be recovered. Both repair shops said they could not read the files on the drive in my HP Media Vault. My son, who works IT at a local hospital, found your solution on the Internet and suggested it would be worth a try. We purchased a 30-day license and within hours, my files were restored. Unbelievable!

PC World

     “I had a corrupted memory card with some once-in-a-lifetime audio. This program went through all the clusters and recreated the audio file for me when I thought all was lost.

After a bit of development for the customer - on a deleted memory card

    All the files I took on that day seem to have been recovered in their entirety. Also I didn't even have to experiment with settings or anything, I just used the AVCHD wizard on the default settings and it worked perfectly on the first attempt.

 From a customer who has purchased several licences

    This program is excellent.

A type of response that is always nice to receive

    Thank you for your recovery program, it has allowed me to recover around 98% of my daughters three year university course from a hard drive that had become unreadable by the operating system

Media Vault - after a bit of customer support

    I want you to know that I recovered all of my files thanks to your wonderful product! I am spreading the word! If there is a comment section for praise just direct me to it.

    And thanks again. This product was the difference between over a thousand dollars and going out on a limb with something that I had confidence would work for extremely short money because I knew my hard drive wasn't defective.

A deleted AVCHD memory chip

    First I ran the demo version and was thrilled that the software indicated that there were about 35 files to recover (other software detected hundreds of small files). So I took a leap of faith and decided to buy the FULL version of your software to recover AVCHD files on my camera. And it worked! A few of the files were split into two parts, but most files were recovered.

DVD Recovery

    Thought I would pass along my thanks for the efficacy of your software to recover what was thought to be a hopelessly "damaged" mini-dvd disk! After recovering the data and then later converting it to a DVD friendly format, I was able to capture the entire recording.

AVCHD recovery

    Brilliant, - worked like a charm

HP Media vault recovery

    Have successfully retrieved about 800gb of data off or two drives. Great work!

    I will definitely recommend this software to anyone who has a media vault or any other hard drive recovery needs.

Another HP Media Vault

    I have to thank you again for producing CnW Recovery, and for helping me use it to recover data from the disks that used to be in my HP MediaVault -- over the weekend I believe CnW was able to recover 100% of my data that was stored on these disks.

Failed MV NAS system, initial inquiry pointed to incorrect USB setup

    Thanks for the input. I had my external set up incorrectly, and I probably never would have checked that. Buying the license tonight, your program saw all my files! You guys are great!

Recovery from a ‘dead’ drive having tried other recovery programs.

    Not only did your little program save me a lot of money, but it has given
    me peace of mind knowing that I now have our pictures back (and backed up
    to DVD!). I don't know why your application worked when the others did
    not, but you have certainly made a satisfied customer out of me. Please
    feel free to share my success story. Thank you, again.

Happy 30 day licence user

    I just have to pass along to you, that your software worked just great for me. I had a WD 80 GB disk from a co-worker who's father had passed away recently and all her digital photos (and her tax records) were on that disk.

    I was able to recover these files (along with all the OS etc that we didn't need to recreate). It did take a little work, but I was amazed it worked as well as it did. The 30 day license saved her irreplaceable photos. If I have a similar problem in the future, I'll use your software again.

His words and capitals, not mine -

     This thing is INCREDIBLE. I want to advertise for this product. It worked Brilliantly. I am just so HAPPY.

User of the Beta RAID software for a Reiser disk

    I cannot thank you enough for not only the software (does what it says on the tin), but for your service- your help and guidance really went that extra mile… I will have no hesitation in recommending CnW recovery to friends and colleagues.

Mediavault with a single disk drive

    Just wanted to say thank you very much. Your software saved my neck. I wasn't able to recover the data via the wizard, but was able to recover all of the data using the main program. It even recovered deleted files that I wanted.

Media Vault

    I just wanted to put a few good words your way in regards to your CNW Recovery program. I purchased the 30 Day Licence and for $20 I wasn’t expecting much. How surprised I have been by the product. If only I had this product when my HP Media Vault had failed the last time.

    This time when my HP Media Vault died, I was nothing short of traumatised, as my last backup of the NAS was several months ago. I needed a way to read the Hard Drives, which I knew were fine, just that the HPMV’s motherboard had died and I could not get a replacement. Searching the internet in a panic, I came across your product which is recommended by many Fora. I am so glad I did. I have managed to recover in excess of 99% of all the files on the NAS and 100% of all my important files. The reason I couldn’t recover everything was more to do with the fact that I only has an external HDD which was formatted to FAT32, preventing me to copy some of the larger files.

    Any problems I have had in recovery has been mainly due to the limitation of equipment I had rather than the CNW recovery software. Having said that I think the software is temperamental with Windows Vista and or drivers that Vista loads at startup. I just started up in Safe Mode and the recovery ran smooth as you could wish.

    You should be proud of your software, better than anything else that I have come across and for a good price. Your price point is perfect; allows customers to take a punt. I certainly wouldn’t have tried it if it was substantially more expensive. I am seriously thinking of purchasing the outright licence as you never know when disaster will strike.


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