User Manual

CnW Recovery Software, user manual

The best way to learn how to use any program is to just try it. Sometimes though, this does not produce the required results, and it is necessary to consult a manual, or other reference.  CnW data recovery software has context sensitive help, so pressing F1 anywhere will bring up some useful guidance.  It is also possible to download the complete manual as a PDF file

The intention of these web site pages is to describe how certain recovery processes may be achieved. Extra pages will be added as the program develops, and in response to customer feedback, suggestions and techniques. You may wish to print some of these pages to assist with installing and running the demo for the first time. CnW software does have context sensitive help built in, just press F1 anywhere for help relating to the current screen being displayed.  Many of the program’s function buttons have a help tool tip that will be displayed when the cursor hovers over the button.



Click here for free demo download. With this you can see what data can be extracted from your media.

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