Simple Photo Recovery

Photo recovery software wizard

The wizard function of CnW data recovery software includes a special section for photo recovery from memory chips.  It can handle all types of failure including

    • Accidentally deleted photos
    • Memory chip corruption
    • Formatted chips

When the wizard function is selected the screen below is displayed, and the software may be downloaded here


The first stage with the photo recovery software is to analyse the memory device.  The program operates with all variations of FAT, as well as devices that have been erased or overwritten at the start.

If the memory is seen as a valid FAT device, recoverying files will start.  If there are problems detected, the photo recovery software will analyse the memory chip structure, and where possible determine the correct parameters to use.

Photo recovery will start, and after a few seconds any recovered photos will be displayed on the right side of the screen.  This a very useful feature for the demo version, as the actual photos are not saved.

The recovery routine is in three stages

  • Recover good files and known deleted files
  • Scan disk for files no longer part of the operating system
  • Optional process fragmented files

The photo recovery software from CnW has several features not found in most recovery programs.

    For deleted files, many photo recovery software programs do not handle the deleted files correctly.  CnW will locate the file and perform a good recovery

    It is common for some photos on a memory chip to be fragmented.  This happens if individual photos are deleted, then more photos added.  When the chip is fully functional, the file system takes care of this.  When files have been deleted, this information is lost, but CnW will recover many of the fragmented photos.


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