Logical tests

Logical tests of the disk structure

Logical test will help determine if the basic structure of the disk is intact. If there are critical parts of the disk structure, either missing, or corrupted, then it will be necessary to use the manual recovery tools within CnW Recovery software. For simple corruption, or deleted files, these disk structure tests will give confidence that the Wizard will produce good results.

The tests are dependent on the type of disk being read, and so a difference sequence applies for DVDs and hard drives / memory chips.

The reason for the tests is to determine if the main wizard will beable to recover files from the current media. If too many parameters are undetermined, the user will be directed to manual recovery, or back to the main program. If the wizard looks viable, this will be selectable.
The results of these tests are included the specialised (optional) forensic log
The three possible options are as below - not all will be enabled

Go to main menu
The main menu will allow for manual working on the disk. All parameters can be selected and recovery functions run.

Fix problems
This function will try and determine the reason for failure. It could be corrupt data, or maybe the disk is part of a RAID. Possible solutions will be offered depending on the actual failure

Continue with Wizard
Continue with wizard will operate as automatically as possible