Mini DVD

Mini DVD data recovery has become a one step process with CnW Recovery software.  A failed, or maybe unfinalised disk is inserted in the drive, and after automatic processing a new directory is produced in video  format.


The automatic analysis starts to ensure that the video disk can be read, and that there is video data on the disk.  Not all DVD-ROM drives will read all failed disks, and some disks fail is way making software only recovery impossible.

The second stage works out the area of the disk with data - often this starts at maybe sector 0x3100, and ends before the end of physical disk.

The third stage, once an output directory has been selected, is to recover the MPEGs from the disk, split into separate chapters.  During this process (even with the demo) thumbnails are displayed to indicate that data can be recovered.

The final stage is to automatically combine all the MPEGs into a valid VIDEO_TS directory structure that can be copied to a new physical DVD.  A new DVD can either be created with standard software, or by using the built in DVD burning function, ‘Create new DVD..’  This has the option to select a DVD drive and write to a blank disk.  This disk will then be compatible with standard DVD players.

Quick erased DVD-RW

    A common problem with DVDs used in video recorders is that they can become erased - sometimes unintentionally.  The symptom will be as above, with either all sectors failed, or sometimes all sectors appear to be blank (filled with zeros).  This means that the DVD reader cannot access any data from the drive.  The only solution is specialised hardware, and CnW Recovery offer a no fix no fee service for 40.

Try now with the free demo download, which will show thumbnails of each chapter on the disk

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