Product Specs

Product Specifications for CnW Recovery Software

CnW Recovery software is a program designed to run on a PC under Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8. A suitable setup will be most PCs up to a few years old with 2GBMB of RAM, though 4GB prefered.  USB V3.0 ports are optional, but do provide a very significant increase in performance over USB V2.0.  A legacy version of V4.44 will be automatically downloaded on XP systems

It will recover data from Hard drives, CDs, DVDs, Flash memory and camera chips, as well as Jaz and Zip drives.

The software is written using Microsoft VC++ which ensures good compatibility with all current versions of Windows operating systems.

The prime function of CnW Recovery software is to recover and restore files from corrupted, or damaged media. It is intended to be easy to use, though with data recovery, some degree of skill is useful as media can fail in any number of ways, and some understanding of possible recovery processes is always useful.  Recovery though is performed with many forensic features enabled as well, so full logging and reports can be produced when the Forensic Option has been purchased.


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