Tape recovery?

Expert recovery from LTO tapes

Tape recovery is a specialized skill, and CnW software does not support tape drives. However, we do have a first class solution as CnW are closely associated to a world leading tape specialist company, Sullivan Strickler.

Sullivan Strickler have a London office and sevice centre that can handle almost any physical tape and logical format. The list below is just some of the most popular drives and formats we encounter. Processing can also include extracting e-mail boxes for e-discovery projects.

Sullivan Strickler offer far more than just simple tape restoration, they also will advise and guide on managing old tape backup systems, compliance, GDPR, and their
Intelligent Tape Archive system. With in-house development, all potential problems can be solved. Based on 40 years of experience in tape data processing, manufacturing, and reading all tape formats, they have solutions to all of your problems. Offices and service centres also in Atlanta, and Austin Texas.

Tapes handled
● LTO-1
● LTO-2
● LTO-3

● LTO-4
● LTO-5
● LTO-6
● LTO-7
● DLT all sizes
● SDLT all sizes
● DAT all sizes
● Exabyte
● etc

Popular formats

● Arcserve
● Backup Express
● Commvault
● Netbackup
● Networker
● Nice audio
● Novastor
● Sync Sort

Contact details for London office

● Elaine Brophy
● Website