Old updates

December 2009

    2.64 Office 2007 documents detected in raw recovery

    2.63 Enhanced recovery from FAT disks when using scan for directory stubs - more directories are named

September 2009

    2.61  First release of exFAT.  Improved Linux Ext2 support

    2.59  Enhanced creation of Video disks from recovered MPEG files

August 2009

July 2009

    2.56 Uni-code strings can be searched for in disk image mode

    2.55 Enhanced recovery of deleted FAT32 files

June 2009

    2.53  Files with failed sectors marked in the log.  Encase EWF files can be read (nb this should be considered a Beta feature at this stage) but will handle standard and compressed files..

    2.50  Improved operation on Vista systems

    2.47  EFI support, including details in forensic report log

May 2009

    2.46 Enhanced joining of fragmented jpegs

    2.44 Improved stability with Vista

April 2009

    2.43 Enhanced sorting of large logs, makes more use of available PC memory

    2.42 Improved support in wizard for multiple partition disks

February 2009

    2.41 Extra fields added to .csv log reports.  Hash value in log for disk images.

    2.40 Addition Unix formats added and Mac handling enhanced.  Forensic report included in .CSV exported reports

    2.38  More tool tips added

January 2009

    2.36  First version of MFT Parse implemented.  Tool tips added to wizard screen.  Installation on systems without a C: drive made possible

    2.35 Sector numbers in option boxes can be double clicked to view the sector

    2.34  Option to validate FAT files as part of recovery.  More development on data carving tool, includes file validation

December 2008

    2.32 First version of disk sector searching, so string may be found anywhere on a disk.  Improved FAT support, FAT table is checked for integrity and may be repaired automatically. First release of data carving tool, click on verify column within forensic log. Forensic option only.

November 2008

    2.31  Additional Forensic report entries.  $bitmap, $MFT and $logfile file read with Forensic option

October 2008

    2.30 Optional operation with a dongle to allow installation on multiple PCs

    2.28  Improved BKF support

August 2008

    2.27 Support for SCSI drives not recognised by the operating system

    2.25 Improved disk analysis for FAT32.  Recovery mode option added to Wizard

June 2008

    2.24  Enhanced metedata extraction from JPEG files.  Support for GUID partition tables (as used on current Macs).

May 2008

    2.23  Improved support for open session CDs, and for multi-session UDF disks

    2.22  Preliminary addition of MTF -  .BKF file backups.  No limit to the size of logs that can be sorted

April 2008

    2.21  Preliminary addition of Unix HTFS file system recovery

March 2008

    2.19  Small improvements to wizard and analysis.  Faster initial scan for NTFS disks

February 2008

    2.16  Enhanced initial disk verification and analysis

    2.12  Initial version of forensic report

December 2007

    2.10 Automatic Windows Vista UAC control

    2.09 Enhanced recovery of deleted FAT32 files.  CSV files detected

November 2007

    2.06 Titles added to Word files on raw recovery mode.  Fragmented AVIs joined in Raw mode.

October 2007

    2.04  Initial version able to join fragmented jpegs when doing a raw image recovery

    2.03 Files may be viewed from directory screen - right click

September 2007

August 2007

    1.72 Improved partition recovery functions.  One step video disk recovery within the Wizard

    1.70  Improved wizard with support for CD-RW unerase.  AppleDouble format supported when recovering Mac disks to a PC drive

July 2007

    1.69 Some analysis of disk structure integrity before doing a wizard recovery .  Speed enhancements in wizard as well as target times being displayed

    1.68 Disk analysis display

June 2007

    1.66 Improved FAT32 recovery analysis

May 2007

    1.65 Determine the file a sector is used in.  View fragment runs

    1.64 Mac JAZ format supported

April 2007

    1.63 Enhanced imaging for failing disks

March 2007

    1.63  Video disk index creation

    1.62 Split routine to place files in directories for DVD burning

    1.61  Enhanced Mac recovery

January 2007

    1.60 File deduplication added

    1.59  Scan for Macintosh directories

December 2006

    V1.58 small updates

November 2006

    V1.57  Enhanced Raw splitting routine. Improved Mac handling and analysis of FAT disks

September 2006

      V1.56 Improved processing of NTFS disks without master $MFT sectors. Improved wizard operation with unrecognised disks. Wizard less likely to hang with some disks. Dates added to JPEG and TIFF file name, when file file contains date tag

August 2006

    V1.55 DVD properties can be examined

July 2006

    V1.54 Log numbers may be viewed in hex, or decimal

    V1.53 Small improvements on partition recovery

    V1.52 Bug removed on reading some long files in NTFS

June 2006

    V1.51 Improved analysis of FAT disk with missing boot sectors. Filename field added to log

May 2006

    V1.50 Analysis for FAT disks with missing boot sectors.  Improved UDF support for VAT

April 2006

    V1.48 Improved Macintosh support

    V1.47  Improved support for long directories on UDF CDs.  File selection based on file extension

March 2006

    V1.46 File selection on file size implemented as part of file filter.  Improved progress reporting. Revised analysis interface screen

February 2006

    V1.45 Directory slack for NTFS disks saved. Flags added to logs to indicate read only, encrypted files etc

    V1.43 File filter functions added to CD reading

    V1.42 Multi-threaded additions to enhance output speed

    V1.41 File selection or skipping based on MD5 values

    V1.40  Selection of drives by both physical drive number and logical drive letter

January 2006

    V1.37 Revised help system - also available online

    V1.33 Easier interface to enter registration code

    V1.32 FAT32 with no FAT map correctly implemented

    V1.31 Partition analysis, and boot sector reconstruction

December 2005

    V1.30 Improved MAC HFS+ support

    V.128 Improved NTFS support, with selection of MFT range

    V1.25  NTFS will store partially overwritten files in a new subdirectory

November 2005

    V1.24  Modified dates part of file filter selection

    V.12 File filter, implementation of directory selection

    V1.20 Output optionally in directories for CD or DVD writing  -will fill directories to be a complete CD or DVD size

October 2005

    V1.19  Compressed NTFS disks expanded on raw read file extraction. Name length optionally truncated for CD production

    V1.17 JPEG files verified when part of unallocated space extraction. Automatic deletion of logs after defined period.

    V.1.16 NTFS added to wizard, with partition support

    V1.15 CD-ROM added to wizard and demo. Wizard includes track and partition count for media

    V1.11  Floppy disk support added to wizard and demo

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