CnW Recovery

Data recovery software
Recover your files, photos, videos and all lost data
Hard drive, NTFS, FAT, MAC, CD, DVD, video, GoPro Hero, cameras, RAID and more
HP Media Vault recovery (Broadcom NAS)
Free demo download displays files pictures and videos that will be recovered.
Forensic disk and data investigation software (optional

Have you lost your data?
The CnW data recovery package covers all eventuallites of data loss. It could be a simple file deletion, or an accidental format of the disk drive. NTFS, FAT32 and many more are handled and files recovered. The software is a complete tool kit of functions required to process data. Comprehensive manual can be consulted for advice. There are several modules and licences from a 30 day package to a full forensic options with a dongle to allow processing or different systems (as long as the dongle is precent).

The GoPro Recovery (GPR) software is included with all versions except the 30 day package. GPR is a world leading package for recovering video files from camera memory chips, in particular the popular GoPro Hero. Virtually no other software will correctly process fragmented video files, which is actually how 90% of cameras save their files on the memory chip

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Comming soon will be CnW-64, 64 bit solution for all data recovery problems. Beta download available, September 2023 update

Main program features
Recovers corrupted disks
Recovers partially failed disks
Deleted photos from flash chips
Fragmented video files, including AVCHD
Formatted or repartitioned disks
Windows, NTFS, FAT, Mac, XFS, Reiser
Full forensic logs**
Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11
RAID support, 0 and 5
CCTV support, starting with CnW 64
Continuous development, unlimited support and regular free updates
Full user support via e-mail
Advanced data carving and defragmentation
Full demo
Full user manual
CnW Blog for news items.
Easy to use wizard

CnW Data Recovery Software recovers lost files from

Digital photo camera, SD card and memory chips
Compact Flash, CE, sD, xD, Memorystick, MultiMedia Card, or USB compatible memory
Hard drives recovered, SATA, IDE, SCSI, USB, eSATA
RAID 0 - RAID-5, JBODs **
CDs and DVDs, including mini-DVDs and DVD-RAM
Thumb drives
Jaz and Zip disks, 100MB - 2GB
Disk images, including DD, E01** and Virtual disk format
Floppy disks
File systems supported
NTFS, NTFS compressed,.

FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, disks and memory chips
Macintosh HFS+
Hard disc EFI partitions
Data carving for any operating system
Android SD card
ISO9660, Joliet, UDF, Macintosh
Quick erased CD-RW*
DVD, miniDVD data and video
Unix XFS included deleted files
.BKF backup files
CCTV with CnW64 version
Recovers data, photos and videos that have been lost or deleted
Deleted file restoring from NTFS and FAT32
Formatted disks can be recovered
Disk corruption
Missing FATs or MFTs are reconstructed
Video camera, GoPro Hero, Insta360, EOS, DJI, with GoPro Recovery
DVD corruption or deletion.
AVCHD / MTS and M2T can be automatically reconstructed into large files, and not short fragments.
Partial disk failure can be recovered
Partition or boot sector failure
Corrupted FATs are dynamically fixed
Overwritten boot sectors are reconstructed
Master Boot Record (MBR) failure or corruption
Partition tables corrupted can be regenerated
Failure when being repartitioned
Files lost due to software error can be recovered
Malicious deletion of files can be resolved
Apple Macbook Air remote wipe data recovery
Installation of new operating system
Not ejecting USB drives correctly
File validation
Power glitch
Recover or repair drive?
File Recovery Software, and Forensic Analysis Tools
Logs of file names
Dates of files on disk
MD5 and SHA-256 hash value for each file copied*
Slack space*
Unallocated space
Media details
EFI partition support
WD Passport Studio encryption PLX OXUF943SE
Disk parameter analysis
Restoration of files using directory stubs
Raw file file extraction - often referred to as data carving
Multiple search strings when carving (or just searching)*
Data carving extraction from NTFS compressed disks
Deleted and fragmented AVIs, AVCHD/MTS and 3GP/MP4, GoPro recovered - smart data carving
File fragments are logged
Incremental Imaging to process partially failed disks
File read even when in unallocated space
● Intelligent deleted FAT32 reading
Analysis of FAT32 disk structure
QIC113 backup files from image file
Optional file validation on copy
Fake memory chip detection
Video Disk IFO files recreate from MPEGs
HP Mediavault - Broadcom Raid** (Reiser FS)
Full job report in XML, useful for triage*
Encase file support*
Automatic file carving for several formats, including AVI, JPEGS, Word Docs, 3GP, MOV, GoPro
MFT Parse on sector view
File deduplication
Filenames created for some formats even in data carving mode
Skip (or select) files based on NSRL MD5 hash values
File filter for file selection
Display file and data distribution on disk*
Search disk for any data or text strings or keyword*
Manual data carving tool*
Each session on CDs can be viewed and recovered
Sectors errors can be skipped on reading - file continues to read
Tape recovery services from associated company
* Forensic option only
** RAID option maybe required

Types of software included in the comprehensive package

NTFS disk recovery software
FAT32 routines to restore all types of data
Digital photo restore for memory chips
Photo recovery software to process fragmented files
Macintosh disk restoration, HFS+
Deleted files can be restored
Formatted disk restoration software, includes partition analysis
Ability to read corrupted CDs
All restores include comprehensive log
Mini DVD processing software for corrupted video recordings
Video camera, MP4, GoPro etc recovered

Possible unique selling features for recovery software
Processing fragmented or deleted AVCHD/MTS disks
Processing fragmented or deleted video files, eg MP4, MOV, GoPro, DJI
Unerase CD-RW (Forensic package)
Simple mini-DVD video recovery
Logs GPS locations for carved JPEG photos

Techniques used

Tolerant reading of disks - even with missing sectors
Incremental disk imaging
Scanning for old file entries and directories
Scanning disk for old partitions - recreating partitions
Processing orphaned files
Enhanced data carving for fragmented files
Regular updates include
Additional file validation
Enhanced modes of operation
User requests for extra features in the program
User support
Simpler, faster operation
Enhanced documentation
Enhanced analysis of failures
Enhanced forensic reports
Free update support - unlimited updates.

Quick indication of likely recovery
Within a short period of time after downloading the CnW program demo, it will be possible to see a log of files that will be recovered. For these it will be possible to click on the entry and either see a photo, or a hex dump of the file. CnW software never changes data on the corrupted drive, and only saves recovered files onto a different hard drive. What ever the logical failure, CnW will never make it worse. The recovery results are extremely good, often exceeding those from much more expensive packages.

How long will the process take
This a a question such as how long is a piece of string. It is very dependent on the capacity of the drive or memory chip. For a small camera memory chip, with all files deleted, recovery may be 5-10 minutes, For a 500GB drive that needs imaging first due to bad sectors, recovery can take between a few hours and a few days. For a physically working disk, via USB-2 interface, or disk image, recovery is in the region of 5 to 60GB/hour depending on file size and hardware. For partially failed disks, the speed can be much slower. USB-3 and ESATA drives may be faster.

Easy to use
Recovery can be complex and daunting, so CnW software offers as much assistance as possible. There is an automatic wizard for many applications, as well as advanced mode tools. On every screen, by pressing F1 and comprehensive help screen will be shown. On many menus, by moving the cursor over a button, a short description (tool tip) will be displayed. On option boxes, if a sector number is double clicked, the sector will be displayed. All these features make the powerful tools easy to understand and use. Our expertise and knowledge is added to the data recovery software for everyone to benefit from.

Why is recovery required

It is an unfortunate fact, but sometimes computer data is lost. It may be a camera memory chip, a CD-ROM or hard disk drive. The camera or PC will no longer allow the user to access the data, even though the data is still present. CnW Recovery software will enable the user to do hard drive recovery, memory chip recovery, CD recovery etc and extract data from most corrupted PC storage devices. What may have seemed a disaster becomes just a hicup. Or in the words of the Hitch Hikers Guide,
Dont Panic. Many users are not aware that even on a very corrupted disk, the data often still exists, but just can not be accessed, except by an advanced recovery program, such as CnW Recovery.

CnW disk software has a wizard to assist in the recovery process and offering various options depending on the physical media, and type of corruption that has occurred. In many situations, the wizard recovery mode will be all that is required, but there is also a complete suite of recovery tools for more complex recovery and investigation conditions.

A full demo can be downloaded and installed for evaluation and will display all files that are on the media, but the demo will not actually copy any recoverable files to the hard drive. Digital photos are displayed as a picture, other files are displayed as a hexadecimal dump. Once happy that the product will work as required, you may purchase on line. To get an idea of how the program works, please look at User Manual.

Complete tool kit
In many respects CnW Recovery,
data software is a toolbox to enable lost, deleted and corrupted data and images to be recovered and restored. What will it do? for more details. There are simple tools to do a recovery, and other tools to allow any restoration to be customized to try and overcome different failure modes. Comprehensive logs will aid any forensic investigator recovering data from a damaged disk, and these include MD5 hashing of all files, as well as a log of sector values for the start of each file restored. Slack and unallocated data may also be extracted and saved. Even some fragmented files may be reconstructed from data carving scan.

This Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 10 data recovery software product is used daily as part of CnW data services. It can be purchased online and can be used to recover camera memory chips, CD-ROMs, ISO9660, and UDF, and also FAT16, FAT32 hard disk drives. There is full support for NTFS, included compression, and HFS+ (Mac) drives, XFS and Reiser FS.

Recovery methods
Disks and CDs fail in many ways. Some are predictable, but many fail for obscure reasons. Due to this, there is no single approach to data recovery that works for all types of failure. CnW data recovery software therefore has many different tools built into the program to assist in different methods of examining the media and extracting files in the most useful way. Sometimes it may be necessary to use several different approaches to obtain as many files as possible. For common failures, the software tries to assist as much as possible. With many formats it will do an initial analysis of the disk to recommend the best way forward. At other times, the user can enter, or manually change critical parameters and work, sometimes by trial and error, to restore a large percentage of the original files. Built in analysis routines assist at every stage.

It is probably impossible to generate a program to automatically recover all types of data corruption and failure, but CnW Recovery gives many different options that can be tried. The wizard will follow many standard approaches, and the manual has case studies of different methods that can be taken for different types of failure - and this list grows on a regular basis, as do built in tools and documentation to assist.

Forensic tools
CnW forensic software has been designed with forensic investigation and forensic data recovery as an important application. There are many logs to aid investigation and help analyze data that has been recovered from the file system, or unallocated areas of the disk. The logs can be sorted, exported and generally reviewed. The logs also contain lists of errors encountered on the disk, including logical problems that could stop a disk being read by the native operating system. For case examination, an XML based report can be generated to form the basis forensic report report, and will assist in continuity of evidence. All reports are being enhanced and developed on a continuous basis. Another forensic tool is the ability to do multiple, simultaneous string searches on a disk image, or within recovered files. Encase compatible E01 files can be read (with forensic option).

Video recovery that works - unlike many other popular programs.
Most video camera record data on a memory chip, but this video is not recorded in sequence. When a video is deleted (probably by mistake) the location of the video sections is typically lost. CnW Recovery software performs complex recovery routines to recover videos that very few software programs can. A very popular camera is the GoPro Hero range.

Just $19.99 for 30 day, data recovery software licence, and $34.99 for full licence
Full forensic options with RAID $159.99

Online purchase with PayPal. Once purchased the data recovery software license code will be e-mailed within minutes of payment being received. Free updates included with every purchase (30 day license excepted).
Browse this web site for more information about CnW Recovery. If you have any queries or would like to ask CnW Recovery any questions, please e-mail us at To see some customer feedback click here.
At CnW Recovery, the customer’s data always comes first.

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