64 bit version of CnW Recovery

Under develoment is a 64 bit version of CnW software (January 2022)

Why update? There are several advantages, a few listed below
  • Microsoft is no longer supporting 32 bit versions of Windows
  • 64 bit allows for larger buffers, and hence more speed, or quicker sorting
  • Using latest C++ compiler, VS2022, existing version is still VS2010
  • New Ribbon interface
  • New wizard functions are being developed
  • New CCTV recovery functions (Sannce CCTV)

A very beta version can be
downloaded here, but expect regular updates. Same registration code can be used. Any feedback always appreciated - but it is currently very new!

V6.01 Improved installer
Drive list will always have a drive selected

Any problems, please contact us via e-mail on