Camcorder disk

Recovery of Camcorder mini DVD Disks

It is a common problem for Camcorder disks, mini DVD disks to fail in a way that they can not be read on a PC, or the original camera, but can be recovered by CnW camcorder recovery software. This is often due to disks not being finalised, as well as dirt, or camera problems. The failure is normally associated with the start of the 1.4GB DVD disk not being written, or becoming unreadable. The success rate of restoring corrupted video DVDs with CnW Software has been extremely high.

The process has been simplified with a CnW Wizard with a special function for Mini DVDs. This camcorder recovery software analyses the disk and determines where the video data is stored


When such a disk is placed in a DVD reader, it can be very slow starting CnW Recovery. Be patient, and after a few minutes, the recovery software will determine where the data is stored. Once an output directory has been selected, it will copy the files as the same time as extracting all the MPEG files. The final stage (except for the demo) is to merge the MPEGs into a VOB files and recreate any .IFO files. This process tolerates areas of the disk that have become unreadable. There is then an option to create a playable DVD

The process is compatible with all cameras, including very popular Sony Camcorders.

Blank DVDs
Some mini-DVD-RW as well as some DVD-R will show up as blank disks. It can be clear that data has been written, but CnW (and other programs) will indicate that the disk is blank. The probability is that the disk has been erased, or formatted. Fortunately, CnW have developed a technique with special hardware where these disks can be recovered, but is not part of the standard software. CnW provide a service for £40 to recover video and return the disks world wide, with a no fix, no fee basis. Please contact CnW for more details

Demo and software
To download the CnW mini dvd recovery software, just click here and then run the demo. When recovery is possible, the software will display a small thumbnail of each video chapter, even on the demo. The thumbnail clip will update a few times each minute and gives confidence that video will be recovered.

One step video disk recovery

It is a common problem for mini DVD video disks to become unreadable. Recovery within CnW software is normally a few different processes. To simply this, several features have been included in the software to get as close to a one step recovery as possible.

When a DVD icon is clicked in the Wizard, and initial analysis of the disk takes place. This will try and read critical sectors on a DVD and if it discovers a blank start to the disk, and then areas of MPEG files it will give the option to continue with the wizard with the suggestion it may be a Video disk.

In the analysis part of the program, it will try and work out the range of the disk that has been used - failed video disks typically have the first 15,000 to 60,000 sectors blank. If again MPEG files are detected, the One Step Video button will be enabled. After selecting a suitable output location, this button should be pressed. The disk will be scanned for video files, and then the function to merge video files into a compatible VIDEO_TS disk structure is run.

The result is that a complete video disk image is created, that may be run directly, or copied to a DVD. Depending on the size of disk, and the level of failed sectors, this entire process takes about 10-30 mins.