FAQ Camera Memory

This section is designed to answer common questions for camera memory recovery, which is normally pictures and AVI movies. You can download a free demo and determine for yourself what can be extracted

Q I have accidentally deleted all my pictures, can I recover them

    A Yes.  The proviso is that nothing has been written new onto the memory chip. Use the ‘Read Deleted Files’ options, and all photos should be recovered. The start of the filename may be corrupted, but that is far less important than not having a picture

Q I have formatted the memory chip, can I recover my photos

    A Almost certainly yes. Most format routines just initialise the chip and just clear down the root directory, and FAT maps. To recover photos, use the Restore Unallocated Space option. This will scan the whole chip and recover each photo. All name, date information will be lost, but the photos will be restored with sequential names.  If the format actually cleared down all sectors, then all photos would be lost.

Q I have about 100 photos on a  chip, but can only see 23.  Can the rest be restored.

    A This is normally a problem due to corruption on the memory chip. A high percentage of pictures can normally be restored. It is best to try multiple approaches.  Use the normal recovery, and then the ‘Read Unallocated Space’ .  Multiple copies of some photos will be seen, but all otherwise unreadable pictures should be seen. Sometimes, pictures can be truncated, but a 80-90% success is normal.

Q Can I use the camera directly connected to the PC

    A At the moment the answer is no. (This will be investigated). The reason is that the software in cameras is often very basic and it places a layer between the recovery software and the raw data. For recovery to work, it is essential to be able to access the memory chip directly

Q The memory chip has become corrupted, will CnW Software recover the data

    A As long as the data has not been overwritten, most, if not all, the files can be recovered. The directory system is not required to read the files (although it can be helpful)

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