For most users, a licence linked to a single PC is fine, but for those doing recovery on various systems, or forensic investigations, such a licence agreement can be rather restricting.  Hence CnW have now produced a dongle that may be used as a licence key, and will allow loading the software on multiple machines, but only the PC with the USB dongle connected may be used to save files.  Without the dongle, the sofware will work in demo mode so analysis and examining of disks will always be possible.

The dongle may be purchased with the software, or at a later date for $35.

When the dongle is purchased with the software, a registration number will be issued to allow immediate operation on a single machine, and the dongle will then be posted.  Delivery will be by first class post, or Air Mail so may take a few days or a week or so depending on world wide location.

The dongle does require device drivers to loaded onto a PC, but these device drivers are always distributed with the software, and so any installation of V2.30 or later will have these drivers.  Operation has been tested on XP and Vista and XP64., Windows 7 and windows 8, 32 and 64.

Verison 3.04 includes drivers for the dongle with Windows 7 & 8 - 64bit.  The driver does display a red warning message that it has not been signed - which is correct.


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