iPod overwritten

How to recover an iPod that has been overwritten with NTFS

A recent job was a customer who used his 40GB iPod as an external drive. Whilst setting up his Apple to create a Windows partition, the system accidentally worked on the iPod rather than the required disk drive. The result was the iPod was then an NTFS drive, and all use files were lost.

To recover the files, the following steps were taken.

The iPod was plugged into the PC with CnW software, and an image of the disk was created. Although not totally necessary, it does mean that once the copy has been created, the iPod can be removed, and no further damage done to the drive. In this case, it also indicated that there were no physical errors on the drive.

When the recover routine was started, it indicated that there was a corrupt NTFS partition

The partition function was run, and again it indicated that there was a single NTFS partition. At this point Analyse Partitions was run, and the option to Search for Previous partitions was selected - along with search Mac partitions. After about 20 seconds it did detect a Mac partition. CnW software will actually remember these partitions, without actually writing any data back to the disk, or disk image file.

The recover function was selected, and a valid Mac parameter box was displayed. Files could then be recovered the to PC hard drive. The files are stored in AppleDouble format, which is a separate hidden file for each resource fork

The overall result is that all, other lost files files, were recovered