One Step

One step video disk recovery

It is a common problem for mini DVD video disks to become unreadable. Recovery within CnW software is normally a few different processes.  To simply this, several features have been included in the software to get as close to a one step recovery as possible.

When a DVD icon is clicked in the Wizard, and initial analysis of the disk takes place. This will try and read critical sectors on a DVD and if it discovers a blank start to the disk, and then areas of MPEG files it will give the option to continue with the wizard with the suggestion it may be a Video disk.

In the analysis part of the program, it will try and work out the range of the disk that has been used - failed video disks typically have the first 15,000 to 60,000 sectors blank. If again MPEG files are detected, the One Step Video button will be enabled.  After selecting a suitable output location, this button should be pressed.  The disk will be scanned for video files, and then the function to merge video files into a compatible VIDEO_TS disk structure is run.

The result is that a complete video disk image is created, that may be run directly, or copied to a DVD.  Depending on the size of disk, and the level of failed sectors, this entire process takes about 10-30 mins.


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