DVD properties

Viewing DVD properties from unseen areas of the disk

There are many areas of a DVD that are not visible to normal data commands.  The properties page allows these areas to be investigated, which can be a useful part of any forensic DVD investigation.

Much of the information in these fields is actually decoded and included as part of the optional forensic report


The function buttons relate to different aspects, and when selected, the associated data is displayed.  Not all drives will display all features.  Typically values  are Big Endian, ie high byte first.


Data leadin

    This area included the start and end physical sector of the data area.  The starting sector is often 0x30000, or 0x31000.  Other fields include disk size and disk type, as well as the number of layers.

RMD in last border

    This contains details such as drive manufacturer.  The data is similar to an CD RID code but in a different structure.  By viewing this data it is possible to tell exactly which DVD writer was used to create a disk

Start RMD

Pre recorded info

Disk ident


Disk key




Show DBC


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