Camcorder Demo

Can I tell from the demo if CnW Recovery software will recover my camcorder DVD

This is a very good question, and one that is often asked.  Before committing to software licence one wants to know that it will work.

Most camcorder disks fail due to not being finalised.  There are several test that may be done with CnW software to obtain a very high level of confidence that recovery will be possible.  The biggest area that can cause problems is the compatibility and capability of the DVD reader on the PC that is being used.  The following tests should be tried

  1. Run the program with the wizard.  Select the function Mini DVD and see if the disk can be recognized as a video disk.
  2. Does the disk scan through and show thumbnails of the video you are expecting?
  3. If so, to recover the video to your hard drive, just press the Purchase Now button

If the above fails, do not despair.  Often DVDs have data, but cannot be read by standard DVD drives.  CnW Recovery do have drives that can recover a very high number of disks, including quick erased DVD-RW.  We work on a fixed price of 40 (payable by Paypal) which includes world wide return postage.  Contact CnW for details

If the disk is a DVD-RW that has been quick erased, then CnW Recovery can recover such disks, but it has to be done in the UK office.  Such a disk may appear to have the first few thousand sectors, but the majority of the disk will be blank. Very few companies to provide this type of recovery, and CnW only charges a fixed 40 for this service.

The filly licenced version has the option to burn a new DVD at the end of the recovery process.

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